Attention: This is an experiment and a call to see with the heart and not to decide on outer appearances (in addition, we want to bring people together, because this world needs more love!)

You are looking for a partner? And do not want to use annoying and superficial dating apps (anymore), but are interested in an exciting way of getting to know each other? Please feel addressed, because hereby we call all lovable single, to sign up for our event “Herzblatt”! Help us to bring the iconic show back to life and realize one of our ideas.

The concept is to bring one candidate in contact with three people of the Herzblatt without seeing the candidates. Separated by a small wall, there are various question and trial rounds. At the end of the day, the individual may choose someone who he / she wants to get to know better during a candlelight dinner.

By a small application questionnaire (scroll down please, right now only in german, sorry for that) we would like to gather some information to make the composition of the candidates as appropriate as possible and to be able to take account of the individual persons (and their pain thresholds).

The event has been very well received, we had enough spectators, unfortunately, in the long run we were missing courageous people who want to join! We do not want to give up our idea, so we are looking for you! Overcome yourself, we promise, nobody is exposed.

Once you sign up, we will record you in our “directory”. Since we are looking for suitable constellations, please bring patience until we invite you as a candidate.