A man with a heart for people and music!
During the Advent season dear Wilco will play every Saturday evening for you on the piano. When touched and moved by his own-composed music, he is happy about a small donation, which he will pass on to a friend with cancer.
Thank you for your wonderful music, Wilco! 


Our team has grown!

We would like to introduce you to Guido (left) and Martin (right). After several internships with us, the two have been part of our team since October. One or the other certainly had the honor of being served by them.

Martin and Guido, two people with special needs, come from the Lebenshilfe workshops and now take care of your well-being in our PZ. They are a huge asset to us. We are very thankful that we have found together and are allowed to grow together.

Guido and Martin, we warmly welcome you! <3





Attention: This is an experiment and a call to see with the heart and not to decide on outer appearances (in addition, we want to bring people together, because this world needs more love!)

You are looking for a partner? And do not want to use annoying and superficial dating apps (anymore), but are interested in an exciting way of getting to know each other? Please feel addressed, because hereby we call all lovable single, to sign up for our event “Herzblatt”! Help us to bring the iconic show back to life and realize one of our ideas.

The concept is to bring one candidate in contact with three people of the Herzblatt without seeing the candidates. Separated by a small wall, there are various question and trial rounds. At the end of the day, the individual may choose someone who he / she wants to get to know better during a candlelight dinner.

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