We join the “given break” project!

The “geschenkte Pause” project is a regional project, which allows you to pay in adavance for someone in need. You can do this in all stores with the logo to the right. When paying your own bill, a “given break” can be paid, this could be a coffee, a soup, or something else!

Make a person smile, who just can not afford it, and pay for a meal or a drink in advance during your next visit!

We support foodsharing!

All according to the motto: share food instead of throwing it away! is a food-giving platform with which private individuals, supermarkets, bakeries, restaurateurs, etc. can offer and pick up food for free. In Aachen there are many active foodsavers who diligently preserve food from the garbage can. The salvaged food will be brought to public “fairteiler”, central locations which serve as distribution points. The PZ hosts a small foodsharing corner, with shelves and a fridge!

Happile help yourself to the food, everyone is invited. If you have questions about foodsharing, or if you want to become active yourself, we are very happy to be your point of contact.

Refill Germany

Avoid plastic waste | Drink tap water | Fill your water bottle

Finally Refill has arrived in Aachen! All shops and other stations equipped with the Refill sticker will now fill free tap water into your bottles. The idea originally came from the English city Bristol and was first introduced to Hamburg by Stephanie Wiermann, who has been living plastic-free for years. Meanwhile, it has become a Germany-wide movement.

Have you been out for hours and are thirsty now? Then let us fill up your water bottle! A general tip is to always carry a bottle with you anyway 😉

If you want to participate in the project and spread the idea write to:
Or pick up some stickers at our restaurant.

An overview of all refill stations in Germany can be found at here.

We use Ökobons!

Did you know that conventional receipts are coated with bisphenols and actually belong in the residual waste?

We use Ökobons, an alternative for receipts that are made without chemical color developers and are approved for direct contact with food. Ökobon is also UV-resistant, permanently archivable and made of FSC paper from responsible forestry.

And besides, the Ökobons are unmistakable with their blue-gray color 🙂

Viva con Agua – Clean drinking water for everyone!

Viva con Agua is a non-profit association committed to ensuring that everyone in the world has access to safe drinking water. In order to achieve this goal, Viva con Agua promotes a variety of projects and activities in Switzerland and abroad. The supported water projects are sustainable and always include the sanitary components to ensure access to clean drinking water.

“The Viva con Agua mineral water is just like our fundraising campaign on the supermarket shelf and at the counter. Every bottle is a liquid flyer and transports the idea behind Viva con Agua into the world. With the purchase of mineral water everyone can do a part to help more people gain access to provide clean drinking water. “

Hambi stays!

The Hambach Forest is one of the most natural forests in Central Europe, which has existed continuously for 12000 years. Of the former 5500 hectares of forest, 90% have already been destroyed. The Hambacher Forest has and is planned to give way to the open pit Hambach. Trees with millennia of history are cut down for lignite mining, the habitat is stolen from protected species, villages are resettled. Coal opponents decided to occupy the Hambach Forest several years ago and now fight for its preservation.

There are regular forest walks offered. Further information: Termine

Lemonad & ChariTea

Each purchase of the teas and soft drinks (bio + fairtrade) funds the non-profit Lemonaid & ChariTea e.V., which supports social projects in the growing regions. So far, funds have been raised for schools, solar projects and many other initiatives in South Africa, Sri Lanka and Latin America. “Always following the principle: help for self-help.”